Quote: Truth

The truth it needs no proof, either it is or it isn’t. – India Arie

India Arie

India Arie


Street smart + Book smart = WINNING

How many succeed becoming famous out of everyone who try? Stay in school so you can do the math. Be realistic.

At one point in your life, you are going to want to think further than your mind CAN. Stay in school.

If you are educated you can write better lyrics if that is what you’re in to. Better lyrics = better chance. Stay in school so you can do the math. Be realistic.

Street smart + Book smart = WINNING

Challenge your mind with education, it helps you expand your knowledge. USE school, USE your teachers like they are hoes.

Get GOOD DEGREES for that HIGH PAID job. Get BAD DEGREES for that COUCH in your friends crib.

Yes, they teach false information. Especially in history, but math, chemistry, law, and more are TRUTH. Know the difference and use it to your advantage; get money.

You Know What I Dislike The Most (Part One)

  • When you try to be reasonable with someone and they still can’t admit that they we’re wrong.
  • When you want someone to like you but you can’t even get their attention.
  • Pregnant women smoking or parents pushing a stroller with a cig in one hand. Smoking around children period.
  • When you’re next in line to pay for groceries & the person behind you make “discrete” shoves to get their items up. That’s disrespectful so why should I show you respect and give you the space?
  • When they stop producing new episodes of my favorite tv shows.
  • People who say out loud everything that is on their mind.
  • When people can’t recognize that I am busy.
  • People who believe in rumors.
  • Oversensitive and overemotional / easily offended people.
  • When someone say you’re sensitive but it’s actually them who is a jerk.
  • Drama, movies and real life.