Lunch On The Balcony

I and son enjoyed lunch in the sun on our balcony. With our sunshades on, of course 😎 . I had made chicken brochettes after he had fell asleep yesterday, I saved him some; they are his favorite. He requested more so I am busy in the kitchen; we’re having brochettes for dinner too! Back and forth between the computer and the kitchen right now. Playing Inna – Deja Vu loud out of the speakers.

Today is a RED day in the calendar which means that people are not working today, so son is outside playing with daddy while I deal with dishes and the vacuum cleaner… and cooking flavour rich chicken brochettes!

I hope that everyone is having a great day!


My White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (No Bake)

My White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (No Bake)

My White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (No Bake)

Doesn’t it look like it tastes good? My son loved it and his dad isn’t at home to try it yet. My mother came to visit us today, I had to treat her to one of my nutritious and yummy smoothies and I think she will be making her own after that because she liked it. Unfortunately she couldn’t have a piece of the cake due to her illness which doesn’t allow her certain types of food. Too bad.


  • Peanut butter (any kind you like)
  • Rise puffs (but you can use any type of cereal you like)
  • Nuts; almonds, macadamia,any kinds you like (I used my own home made Granola because I didn’t have any nuts in my kitchen)
  • White chocolate; any kind suitable for melting


Empty half a jar Peanut butter in to a bowl. Add 4 or 5 cups of risepuffs, a cup or two (or three) of nuts of your choice and blend it well with a spatula. Evenly flatten the dough in to a form of suitable size. Microwave in a safe cup or melt on the stove as much of white chocolate you would like but at least enough to cover the entire area. Does not need to look perfect. Make room for it in the freezer and allow it to chill for at leat 40 minutes – 1½ hour. Enjoy!

Tip: Run the nuts in a blender for a few seconds if you don’t want whole pieces in the cake.