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Random Thoughts (Part 3)

  • If you are calling people either ugly or fat you are immature, uneducated and ignorant.
  • I am extra happy right now and I am not going to tell anyone why! Woop
  • Racism is fun to watch on YouTube, idiots.
  • Troy Davis you are still in my thoughts, I will not forget.
  • I lie when I’m drunk, dunno where they get that thing that u tell truth when you drunk from.
  • You cried with a straight face, that’s how I know it was fake tears.
  • Trying is enough only as a child and adolescent, when you have reached mature age it is about achievement.
  • I will make time for those who make time for me.
  • A woman will keep the house clean if she respects her man, if she does not respect him no one is to blame but the man himself.

Random Thoughts [Part 3]

  • Erykah Badu. Love that woman. Her CD on repeat during the 90’s.
  • Most horror movies are just….. comedy.
  • Personally I think Jennifer Lopez is a better actress than singer.
  • Loving this 100mb broadband. Envy me bishes.
  • For a girl, I’m strong. Don’t mess with me. Lol
  • Few lucky women wear a lil extra weight well.
  • Everyone are waiting for Megan Fox to leave Austin Green.
  • Guys who only look good without a shirt…..
  • I have Donald Duck singing Christmas carol as my ringtone!
  • It is time to lose weight if you need a mirror to see your penis/vagina.
  • My honey is sweet but you’re diabetic 😦
  • Son & I met a half grown n very playful kitten. Wanted to kidnap him.
  • I couldn’t take sleeping pills, I’d be afraid I wouldn’t wake up during fire/burglary/rape/murder/etc
  • When I use a qtip I understand how good it must feel for a dog to get a scratch behind his ear.
  • Important message: I’m not a Twilight fan
  • My thighs burn from todays workout, great!
  • Between 6 and 9 pm daily I am so tired I could fall asleep hadn’t I obligations.
  • The older I become the less bad I become too.
  • I hate people who say they hate liars because it don’t sound right to me cause everyone lie at least ones every blue moon so the correct term would be I hate being LIED TO.
  • Young girls don’t see that there’s life after love.
  • Troy Davis you are still in my thoughts, I will not forget.
  • Terrorism is just a tactic
  • I strongly dislike all of you who argue for no reason
  • If you keep cutting people out you are going to end up alone, some relationships are actually worth some extra effort.