The Reluctant Patient

It wasn’t without trouble that we eventually found the place, it was poorly signed and it almost made us late for the appointment. Cristiano was going to see a doctor with a problem. Finally in the docs room Cristiano was impossibly persuaded to let the doctor have a look at him. He appeared to be a very experienced doctor but despite cleaver attempts Cristiano was reluctant. He ended up suggesting that I take photos in different angles and e-mail them to him. The entire visit which lasted about 40 minutes Cristiano passionately chanted “play the park” making communication with doc and his female assistant not a simple task. A balloon and a sticker on our way out was still appreciated. Took him to the park right after to let him play.

Including this photo of Cristiano taken about 2 years ago.


We used to visit hospitals a lot when he was a baby because of much stomach ache due to cow’s milk allergy and we were enthusiastic visitors of the Child Health CenterĀ for regular check ups on the developement of height and weight; as parents we are so interested in our children’s developement. He has also earlier in his, still so young, life gotten a few shots. But this was all a while ago now, and he is more aware mentally wise then he was ones that was current so likely this contribute to Cristiano as the reluctant patient.

Time for me to go turn the chicken over in the oven, untill the next entry… Ciao.


Precious Memory: Cristiano at age two



Words can’t describe my love for you so I let my actions prove it to you and every single day I give you all I have. Your protection and happiness is my number one priority, my second is to raise you well.

Children and the words Penis and Vagina

Boy and Girl Education

Boy and Girl Education

At what age do you tell your children what their private parts are called!?!?!?

Since a couple of months back my son who turned three back in October (30) last year has got to that stage where he is interested in that thing down there. He did something really funny ones; I was sitting on the computer, probably composing a blog post and he calls out mom. I turn around and he has got himself butt naked and has put a sock on his penis. This is my lil’ comedian.

So, he’s asked us “-What is this?” and I personally think that 3 isn’t old enough to learn anything about it other than taking it easy with it and not put the dinosaur’s sharp tail in there. I know that if I tell him it’s his penis he is going to shout the word out at all the wrong times like on a crowded buss or in line at the grocery store.

So when he asked “-What is this?” his daddy told him “-That’s your pistol.” and I think that is the PERFECT word for it at this age.

Yuri Boyka The Most Complete Fighter In The World

My son is crazy about fighting. He’s 3 years andĀ 3 months old. For over a years time he has been play fighting with us every day, it is play for him but it actually hurts and he don’t listen when we tell him no. I blame his father, for introducing him to these types of videos. I basically get my butt kicked from morning to night. =)

Mickey Mouse Stuff For Kids

Cristiano (my son) got a package delivered with things from grandmother, it included a lunch bag, a lunch box, an umbrella and a cap all with Mickey Mouse theme.

Mickey Mouse Disney Stuff For Kids

Mickey Mouse Disney Stuff For Kids

I usually use a smart program titled Image Commander to watermark my photos but since I currently am not at home I use an online service called PicMarkr.