We don’t need to share opinions

Some people need things to do. They need to find an interest, maybe even reevaluate their entire lives. Practise positive thinking if your energy is attracting too much of the negative things.

It has always baffled me how anyone becomes offended by another’s personal opinion. How do they have energy to care about it? Particularly the opinion’s of strangers.

When you are confident enough about yourself you do not have time to deal with the opinions of others. Some waste soo much energy & time they could spend on something they love instead on reacting & responding to matters which they don’t agree on.

Ask yourself that.

The world population, the totality of all living humans on the planet Earth, as of today, is estimated to 6 or 7 billion people and everyone is their own person that has their own beliefs and as long as they are not intentionally hurting somebody they have a right to their own beliefs, ideas, life styles and such. Why do you have the need to force your opinion’s on to others? Ask yourself that. Life is very diverse and can you not respect that you have a problem and that problem is within yourself, no one else is the problem. If you do not love yourself enough to be happy (yes, happiness is a choice) then at least realize this and stay the hell away with your depressing self cause you are only making yourself seem stupid.

Different opinions do not have to equal war.

Different opinions do not have to equal war. I am confident enough to let you have your opinion. Make your opinion clear but do it polite. Your attitude might actually push people away and you could end up alone one day if you don’t learn to be polite, no one likes rudeness.

I prefer to live in harmony with my inner self and spend the time on myself and those I love. I am not going to waste my life caring about other’s opinions.


Children and the words Penis and Vagina

Boy and Girl Education

Boy and Girl Education

At what age do you tell your children what their private parts are called!?!?!?

Since a couple of months back my son who turned three back in October (30) last year has got to that stage where he is interested in that thing down there. He did something really funny ones; I was sitting on the computer, probably composing a blog post and he calls out mom. I turn around and he has got himself butt naked and has put a sock on his penis. This is my lil’ comedian.

So, he’s asked us “-What is this?” and I personally think that 3 isn’t old enough to learn anything about it other than taking it easy with it and not put the dinosaur’s sharp tail in there. I know that if I tell him it’s his penis he is going to shout the word out at all the wrong times like on a crowded buss or in line at the grocery store.

So when he asked “-What is this?” his daddy told him “-That’s your pistol.” and I think that is the PERFECT word for it at this age.

True Blood Worst Crap Ever


Sookie, True Blood

Sookie, True Blood

I can’t believe True Blood is for real, it is THE worst ever to me. It’s not even half good, who ever watch that crap must be slappeddddd.

That blonde is the ugliest most retarded blonde ever.

That the series is alive proves how many retards are on this planet. Nough said.

Street smart + Book smart = WINNING

How many succeed becoming famous out of everyone who try? Stay in school so you can do the math. Be realistic.

At one point in your life, you are going to want to think further than your mind CAN. Stay in school.

If you are educated you can write better lyrics if that is what you’re in to. Better lyrics = better chance. Stay in school so you can do the math. Be realistic.

Street smart + Book smart = WINNING

Challenge your mind with education, it helps you expand your knowledge. USE school, USE your teachers like they are hoes.

Get GOOD DEGREES for that HIGH PAID job. Get BAD DEGREES for that COUCH in your friends crib.

Yes, they teach false information. Especially in history, but math, chemistry, law, and more are TRUTH. Know the difference and use it to your advantage; get money.

Unwanted Children

I don’t support abortion, I think it’s aweful. But so are the lives of unwanted children.

Don’t get pregnant by a man who isn’t ready to become a father or yours forever. You’re setting all of you up for misery.

Too many females become pregnant when they should be studying, by males in the same age who are far from mature enough to raise a child.

A child isn’t something you should use to make a guy stick around, a child deserve far more respect than that. You aren’t ready for parenthood if you become pregnant because of this reason.

If you can’t take care of a household you are not ready to have children.

If you need someone to watch over you then you are not ready for the responsibilities that come with having children.