A Libra… (Part 3)

Horoscopes is not an interest I have, I am simply amazed about how accurate some of it describes my character.

  1. Is bossy and headstrong, while still being caring and good listeners.
  2. Always say what they think because they don’t believe in bottling things up.
  3. Is a very giving lover, they strive for their partner to be as satisfied as they are.
  4. Put in major effort for everyone around them to be happy too when they are. You can tell by their smile.
  5. Treated with love and respect there are benefits to reap. But hurt them and you will feel their wrath.
  6. Is the perfect cross between the good and the bad, which is just right for everyone.
  7. Spends a great deal of energy making sure their relationships are harmonious.
  8. Is genuinely nice but dangerous when crossed.
  9. Loves to laugh.
  10. Gets irritated if a partner doesn’t give as much as they do in a relationship.
  11. Is a go getter, independent and always fair.
  12. Is naturally very passionate in love.
  13. Likes you better if you know how to differentiate rights and wrongs.
  14. Is usually very talented but you couldn’t tell from first glancing at them.
  15. Is more adventurous than they will ever show you.
  16. Is known to be undercover freaks when the finally open up to someone.
  17. Is the best gift getter because they are the best shoppers.
  18. Likes to be independent and needless.
  19. Has a hard time trusting others.
  20. :Classy, Easy Going & Fun.
  21. Has the best ass in the Zodiac.
  22. Gets irritated by unorganized people.
  23. Likes old-fashioned romance: candlelight dinners, movies and just a kiss.
  24. Will show nothing but true feeling for the one they love, and only want the same in return.
  25. … You can talk till the sun comes up, but you wont beat a Libra in an argument!
  26. Is very adaptable and can find success anywhere.
  27. Will never forget to let you know how much they care about you.

I Was Tagged So Now I Am Tagging You

So I was tagged by this young girl Shira who’s blog can be found on this address: http://nenskeifacestheworld.wordpress.com. What a surprise! I finally got time to sit down with these 11 questions so below are my answers, the rules of the game and my own 11 questions plus the people I am tagging.

My 11 Answer’s:

1. Exotic food you ate or you want to eat?
A: I like Thai food & it all began with a dish called Gai Pad.

2. Worst food you ever taste?
A: Anything not well seasoned or cooked hasn’t been a pleasure eating.

3. What changes you are on?
A: Private personal improvements; education upgrade, health and fitness goals and other things.

4. What animal you are?
A: There is no animal I would want to be. But I love animals.

5. Have you ever truly accept people without complaining or judging why you make friends with them?
A: When I was a teenager.

6. Biggest dream back you’re still a kid?
A: Wishing I had a sister, is coming to my mind. Sure it was the biggest at some point.

7. If you are a thing, what thing are you?
A: A thing? One of the miracles of nature.

8. Which you prefer to hug, Sun or Moon?
A: Moon?

9. Decisions you made where everybody gain from it except of you?
A: I do not know.

10. There’s a river, will you cross it?
A: If I need to be on the other side.

11. How long you’ve been engage in blogging?
A: 9 – 12 years.

The Rules:

You must post the rules.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create eleven new questions to ask the people you have tagged.
Tag eleven people and link them to your post.
And, let them know you have tagged them.

My 11 Questions:

  1. What made you smile today?
  2. What’s your favorite song right now?
  3. What’s your favorite part of the day?
  4. What do you do to relax?
  5. What motivates you?
  6. Do you think good communication or good chemistry is more important in a relationship?
  7. What’s your favorite drink?
  8. How would you summarize yesterday in one word.
  9. What fear would you like to conquer?
  10. What are you obsessing about?
  11. If you were given the choice to live anywhere, at all, in the world (or universe), where would it be?

My 11 Tagged: 

I am basing this on blogs which I both follow and read. 

I’m tagging my tagger Nenskei and Micah, Bailey, Currie Rose, Willrunforglitter, more to come.

A Libra… (Part 2)

  1. Lives for love.
  2. Sees making love as a soul-bonding experience.
  3. Needs a little cuddling before the big bang.
  4. Is a bit self-centered and will put their foot down to get what they want.
  5. Needs their partner to meet specific requirements such as being kind, gentle and selfless before she/he has sex.
  6. Can make you laugh or cry, just depends on how you treat them.
  7. Will not ease up unless your apology is sincere and you are genuinely remorseful.
  8. Express their feelings for their partner openly and in a variety of ways.
  9. Will get you erased and replaced if you ignore them.
  10. Is like a mind-reader. They can sense what you want before you say it.
  11. Is tuned on by someone who holds his/her own in an argument.
  12. ‘s mind is always in motion.
  13. Do not like it when their decisions are challenged, and are impatient with people who criticize them.
  14. Can hide his or her emotions just as well as they can express them.
  15. Will always wear a smile on the outside despite any pain they may feel on the inside.
Libra Goddess

Libra Goddess


Random Thoughts (Part 5)

  • I just cant sit around with nothing to do.
  • Why do people do to others what others have done to them. They should know better from the pain they experienced.
  • Don’t tell me lies just cause you hate to see the tears in my eyes.
  • My skin is naturally the softest you’ve never felt .. !
  • Don’t care what you say I love wearing leggings
  • Easter coming up, painted eyes n mouths on eggs with son & bought him chocolate shaped like small chickens.
  • Vampires, werewolves and zombies!
  • If I quit talking to you, I have tried enlight you on the problem but you dismiss it.
  • Do you use the frase “That’s so typical me” often? That’s not cute, don’t you learn from your mistakes ??
  • Adele do not impress me, do not see what the big deal is.
  • I wanna give people exactly what they give me.
  • I have the coolest dreams. I swear. They are like awesome Hollywood movies.
  • The vampire dream I had few nights back was so cool.
  • Make a woman happy to bring out the best in her. The happier your gf is the better your relationship is.
  • Rihanna Birthday Cake ft. Chris Brown…. a whole song about eating pu$$y, wow.
  • I grew up on broken promises, it teaches a girl to settle for what ever she gets. I learned better eventually though.
  • If you want more and better out of life you must start with you. Improve yourself through education and knowledge.
  • His night lamp luminates the entire celing including walls with hundreds of vague stars in blue green and red. Perfect.
  • Wow, it is TOUGH getting my son to brush his teeth. Hard work I’m telling you… hard work.
  • Men can do time easier than a woman. Women have too many needs.
  • Son tea bagged his dad when he was asleep LMMFAO
  • Some people, you have to ignore to get their attention.
  • I am loyal my child, unlike my mother. I always strive to be better than my parents were.
  • Jesus is King!
  • Loving the white roses in the windows of this barber shop!
  • If you weaken me, consider yourself cut off.
  • Love early mornings, don’t like too late nights.
  • The older I become the more I figure my parents out.
  • Sloths are hilarious
  • Portugal a tax paradise, oh, lets move there.
  • My son is the best thing ever happened to me, my life became complete!
  • Porn and masturbation is every persons right and no one elses business. Gfs want to make bfs give up porn, hilarious, he is not and if he said he would he lied.
  • Trick me ones, I won’t let you trick me twice.

A Libra…

I was born on September 25 and that makes me a Libra. Not interested in hocus-pocus such as wiccanism or horoscopes but much about a Libra is a perfect description about myself and this list covers 15 of these.

  1. tends to have a lazy streak that delays their plans a bit.
  2. is calm, cool, collected and above the bullsh_t.
  3. lady likes a kind, polite and real man.
  4. is very adaptable and can find success anywhere.
  5. will never forget to let you know how much they care about you.
  6. might be faint at first but they can hold their own in the long run.
  7. is  self-conscious.
  8. can think faster than you.
  9. pride themselves on being truthful. If what they are watching isn’t turning them on, they will tell you how to do it better.
  10. is not into being forced.
  11. gets turned off when you rush things.
  12. gets easily bored.
  13. qualities: diplomacy and beauty
  14. gets over things quickly. They never dwell.
  15. wants it all or nothing at all!
Zodiac Libra

Zodiac Libra

Random Thoughts (Part 4)

  • I miss my snake pattern flats & zebra pattern Converse 😥 may they R.I.P
  • I can’t even stand looking at a pair of dirty shoes.
  • Often fall asleep with phone in hand in bed at night still logged in on twitter.
  • ” Truth of the matter is I’m complicated, you’re as straight as they come. – Bruno Mars ” He’s staying he’s bisexual?
  • You say sleep is the cousin of death, actually not enough sleep will have you die early.
  • You shouldn’t have to wait for next pay check to buy or do something, you should have some money saved always.
  • That bright lipstick some like to wear….. it’s not pretty.
  • When I was 4 months pregnant I was huge, people asked if I was giving birth soon.
  • I love happy people
  • Not been all well the past week so I haven’t been able to work out & therefore gained a couple, makes me feel so crap.
  • English is my second language and I don’t master it as much as I would like to.
  • I aspire to be a strong, successful and happy person.
  • Be careful telling a single person something you wouldn’t want everyone knowing.

10 Things About Myself

  1. I plan for my future
  2. I would kill myself if I could not listen to music any more.
  3. I rather be the person behind the camera instead of in front of it.
  4. I don’t watch chick flicks…… with a few exceptions.
  5. I am never attracted to a man with no muscles.
  6. Don’t like Drama or Romance when it comes to movies, two genres I don’t watch.
  7. I don’t drink beer.
  8. I found myself a man who after 8 years together he still has not raised his hand on me. Not even for threat. Well done, girl.
  9. When you’re my boyfriend trust I will let you know when you’re being an asshole. A bf is the last person I let get away with treating me bad.
  10. Cursing is unattractive to me