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Congrats Sweden On Winning Eurovision


I feel obligated to blog about this for obvious reasons *insert awkward face*. I personally think Eurovision is crap so I didn’t watch it but I like Loreen, even though performance last night was a tad awkward it was spell binding in a way as they usually are. I like Loreen as a person and she has a great voice. The end when she was accompanied by a guy was magical and I’m naturally glad that Sweden won. Sweden has won Eurovision 3 times earlier. Loreen entered Eurovision¬†with her entry “Euphoria” and won first place with 372 points.

Loreen Eurovision Sweden

Loreen Eurovision Sweden

I like her choice of stage outfit. It was a safe bet & worked perfectly, it wasn’t too much & didn’t distract. Loreen is Morrocana and was born and raised in Sweden.

We’re Naming Him Figaro

If we ever get a cat we’re naming him Figaro. The son LOVES this cat which appears in Disney‘s Mickey Mouse and Pluto short films. We’re easing daddy in to the idea of actually getting a cat since he’s even more of a clean freak than I am; How ever that’s even possible :).