Super Cool Photo Effects (Free Online Service)

It seems adding photo effects to your personal photos are more popular than ever (it’s always been popular though) and some of the effects I’ve seen makes it easy to see why. If you don’t have Photoshop, even if you do but wouldn’t be able to manage creating stunning effects as I wouldn’t :), then I have a tip for you!

I have seen many free photo edit/retouch services online but haven’t come across one quite as simple and whith such great effects as this one. Pixlr has been around for a while though I haven’t even noticed this section on the site, they call it Express and I can’t argue against that; it is just too simple. Have it a try yourself :):

Free, easy and super cool. I uploaded a photo of Kim Kardashian that I like to Pixlr Express and made a few examples for you.

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I Turned My Man Into A Zombie In Photoshop (No Tutorial)

Antonio is taking a photography course (I’m jealous) and he has several good self-portraits from studio sessions which to me is a oppurtunity to use when working in Photoshop. I was searching for tutorials which were great at the same time as relatively easy on how to create some awesome effect but I failed finding anything appropriate so I decided to just try myself with no solid idea; I went with the flow. I haven’t manipulated a person this much in Photoshop before, this is a completely new field to me. I’ve made website layouts in the past and experimented with creating texts. This is far from perfect and no where close to what I would consider it well made but I think it’s not bad for a 1st timer! It’s pretty funny and amateurish, a professional photoshopper would spot all the errors fast but for someone like me it is pretty cool!

Zombified in Photoshop

Zombified in Photoshop

I want to learn to create awesome and stunning work in Photoshop, I think I need a great teacher. I know there is great talent on DeviantArt, can probably find some great tutorials on there.

Web Design, I do a little Photoshop.

I looooooooove working in Photoshop, graphic design is something I really enjoy. I am mediocre in retouching, makeovers, manipulations, font design but I think I am doing a bit better on website designs.

I had to put interests aside when I first became a mother but now that I am getting more and more time on my hands with my son growing older and becoming more independent I am finding my way back to things I enjoyed doing before, like Photoshop.

I still wouldn’t be able to find time for the coding part so I consider it only half done, but this is a design on the theme Literature that I titled The Sense of an Ending.

Click on the image for full size view. 

The Sense Of An Ending

The Sense Of An Ending

My Desktop 010812

My Desktop 010812

My Desktop 010812

Actually can’t remember where I downloaded the Wallpaper from so if you want it I have made it available here for you:….

Windows 7 Visual Style:
Can be downloaded from Deviantart on this specific link: http://katz93.devian….

Since the theme didn’t change my startorb I downloaded the Windows 7 Start Button Changer utility and searched for a startorb and I found one at DeviantArt.

The “navigation” at the bottom of the screen is simply made using the Stardock Fences (it is free) product and the system icons are changed using the Startdock IconPackager product.