I Turned My Man Into A Zombie In Photoshop (No Tutorial)

Antonio is taking a photography course (I’m jealous) and he has several good self-portraits from studio sessions which to me is a oppurtunity to use when working in Photoshop. I was searching for tutorials which were great at the same time as relatively easy on how to create some awesome effect but I failed finding anything appropriate so I decided to just try myself with no solid idea; I went with the flow. I haven’t manipulated a person this much in Photoshop before, this is a completely new field to me. I’ve made website layouts in the past and experimented with creating texts. This is far from perfect and no where close to what I would consider it well made but I think it’s not bad for a 1st timer! It’s pretty funny and amateurish, a professional photoshopper would spot all the errors fast but for someone like me it is pretty cool!

Zombified in Photoshop

Zombified in Photoshop

I want to learn to create awesome and stunning work in Photoshop, I think I need a great teacher. I know there is great talent on DeviantArt, can probably find some great tutorials on there.


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