The Reluctant Patient

It wasn’t without trouble that we eventually found the place, it was poorly signed and it almost made us late for the appointment. Cristiano was going to see a doctor with a problem. Finally in the docs room Cristiano was impossibly persuaded to let the doctor have a look at him. He appeared to be a very experienced doctor but despite cleaver attempts Cristiano was reluctant. He ended up suggesting that I take photos in different angles and e-mail them to him. The entire visit which lasted about 40 minutes Cristiano passionately chanted “play the park” making communication with doc and his female assistant not a simple task. A balloon and a sticker on our way out was still appreciated. Took him to the park right after to let him play.

Including this photo of Cristiano taken about 2 years ago.


We used to visit hospitals a lot when he was a baby because of much stomach ache due to cow’s milk allergy and we were enthusiastic visitors of the Child Health Center for regular check ups on the developement of height and weight; as parents we are so interested in our children’s developement. He has also earlier in his, still so young, life gotten a few shots. But this was all a while ago now, and he is more aware mentally wise then he was ones that was current so likely this contribute to Cristiano as the reluctant patient.

Time for me to go turn the chicken over in the oven, untill the next entry… Ciao.


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