Bloom of The Cherry Trees

The King’s Tree Garden (Kungsträdgården) is located in central Stockholm and during late April and May month the cherry trees are in bloom. This park is available to the public during all seasons of the year and offer things such as open-air concerts and events in the summer and an ice rink during winters. There is also a number of cafes, art galleries and restaurants.

My photos does not do it justice, it is spectacular. Clicking on the photos will link you to my Flickr page where the larger version is available for viewing.



We, myself and the love of my life, dropped Cristiano (our son) off at his grandparents and headed in to metropolitan Stockholm. I wanted to try this Nikon D3000 and to sum up my experience: I understand that I am functioning as a support for the camera when I am looking through the small hole to photograph but I found it difficult to take what I would consider good photos when not viewing through a large display like with our old camera. It will take some getting use to and it is going to be interesting learning.





22 thoughts on “Bloom of The Cherry Trees

  1. I love these pics… those trees look gorgeous… i have one outside my house and we just moan and what a mess they make… you forget how stunning they look… you just reminde me… wow…

  2. I know how difficult it is to capture the sheer bounty and utter, overwhelming beauty of a cherry blossom bloom! But your shots are gorgeous, nontheless 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Oh! I missed this beautiful spectacle 😦 would certainly want to be there sometime again 😀 … Thanks for posting these lovely photos….

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