A Libra… (Part 3)

Horoscopes is not an interest I have, I am simply amazed about how accurate some of it describes my character.

  1. Is bossy and headstrong, while still being caring and good listeners.
  2. Always say what they think because they don’t believe in bottling things up.
  3. Is a very giving lover, they strive for their partner to be as satisfied as they are.
  4. Put in major effort for everyone around them to be happy too when they are. You can tell by their smile.
  5. Treated with love and respect there are benefits to reap. But hurt them and you will feel their wrath.
  6. Is the perfect cross between the good and the bad, which is just right for everyone.
  7. Spends a great deal of energy making sure their relationships are harmonious.
  8. Is genuinely nice but dangerous when crossed.
  9. Loves to laugh.
  10. Gets irritated if a partner doesn’t give as much as they do in a relationship.
  11. Is a go getter, independent and always fair.
  12. Is naturally very passionate in love.
  13. Likes you better if you know how to differentiate rights and wrongs.
  14. Is usually very talented but you couldn’t tell from first glancing at them.
  15. Is more adventurous than they will ever show you.
  16. Is known to be undercover freaks when the finally open up to someone.
  17. Is the best gift getter because they are the best shoppers.
  18. Likes to be independent and needless.
  19. Has a hard time trusting others.
  20. :Classy, Easy Going & Fun.
  21. Has the best ass in the Zodiac.
  22. Gets irritated by unorganized people.
  23. Likes old-fashioned romance: candlelight dinners, movies and just a kiss.
  24. Will show nothing but true feeling for the one they love, and only want the same in return.
  25. … You can talk till the sun comes up, but you wont beat a Libra in an argument!
  26. Is very adaptable and can find success anywhere.
  27. Will never forget to let you know how much they care about you.

6 thoughts on “A Libra… (Part 3)

    • Does it? Are you a Virgo? Only star signs I know a little about are Libra and Scorpio since I am Libra and my man and our son are both Scorpio.

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