Monster In The City

La familia had an awesome Saturday in Stockholm City. A few days earlier my man ended up buying a newer model camera than the one we already have before me but since our child didn’t want to sit in the stroller we we’re busy looking after him and didn’t get many photos that day. But son was as taken as we were by this monster and was able to stand still long enough for my man to snap a few photos, with his new camera.

Monster In The City

Monster In The City (click for larger view)

Monster In The City

Monster In The City (click for larger view)

Street performances are common in the streets of Stockholm City.

Well off the 10 minute ride on Saltsjöbanan we decided to walk the remaining kilometers because we wanted Cristiano to experience the sights on the way to the inner City and he was really enjoying things along the way taking notice on statues and things on display in shop windows. We met up with my mother-in-law over at Gamla Stan (The Old Town) who accompanied us that day and I got a chance to get some me time; I ventured all the fashion boutiques that I have a hard time accessing pushing a stroller. We took son to Kulturhuset (The Culture House) where half of 4th floor is a play land and it’s fee-free but some days it is packed and you may need to wait in line for 30 minutes if you are unlucky before you can get inside. Luckily, and smart enough, they have arranged a small play area outside so that the children will have something to do during the wait. After a while there is when I took off.


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