Movie Review: The Grey (2011)

*Warning, this post contains spoilers.*

The Grey Live Or Die On This Day Liam Neeson

The Grey (Live Or Die On This Day) - Liam Neeson

I was not planning on comprising a review of this movie when I navigated here. My thoughts were focused on publishing an entry simply announcing I had watched a movie and it was titled The Grey. Little did I know =D. 

I liked The Grey. “The Grey” naturally referring to the wolves. It captured me and took me for a thrilling and emotional ride. Liam Neeson is phenomenal in this film and excels creating the convincing hero who has the lead role.

Short summary: Their plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness but there is where any similarities to other films on surviving extreme cold ends. Rather than a typical survival type movie the survivors are facing a different threat in a mysterious wolf pack and this is what is the story; escape these dangerous wolves.

This is as much of a fantasy and thriller movie as it is action (though it is not the typical action movie) and adventure. It is promoted action, adventure and drama.  The behavior of the wolves are unrealistic and this is what many critics target in on. If the film would have been promoted for fantasy as well then much criticism would go lost there.

Favorite Quote:

– What did it want?

– You.

Official The Grey trailer below, know it reveals much of the movie:

I did not find it prolix, something important to the story were always unfolding. The scenes caught me and took me for an emotional up and down joy ride from the beginning to the end. I wasn’t sure how the movie would turn out, it was looking great and I was wondering if it was going to be just a pretty movie but with each scene the film proved step by step quality; instead of randomly lacking like other movies. It is perfectly balanced and kept me on suspense, to say the least, till the very end. And OH the ending, could it anger me any more (in a type of good way)?

The film contains grizzly images and isn’t appropriate for children.

I praise it. I give it 4 stars out of 5 possible. I didn’t watch it with any expectations or hope, perhaps why I found myself pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t read about it so I wasn’t aware of what type of film it would be; plain crash nor wolves. Don’t let good or bad reviews build you up or discourage you.. just have a look for yourself and see whether you find yourself on the critic or praising side when you’re finished. And let me know how you liked it! 😀

More about The Grey on IMDb:

Oh, extra note, I half covered my eyes at times. Yeah, gotten mushy because I am a parent now. 😀

I found this video on YouTube where wolves are being trained to attack a person. Pieces of meat have been tied to the persons legs and arms. According to the person who uploaded this video, this was part of the training for The Grey (Which I know nothing about so I can’t confirm this statement, I only know it looks awesome!). Check it out below.

The captures/Screenshots are very, very, poor. I apologize.


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