My Maca and Mesquite order

Was out of town and ate the banana snacks before I could snap a picture but I at least saved opening the Maca and Mesquite powder. This is the first time I order these off the Internet so I decided on smaller “trial” bags because I don’t know how the quality is. I want to make sure they are worth spending money on or not before I order a larger quantity. Quantity over quality? Never.

Maca and Mesquite

Maca (Rawfood) and Mesquite (Superfood)

Maca originate from Peru and Bolivia while Mesquite is found in northern Mexico as well as the deserts of the United States. I entend to use these in so called green smoothies.

There are plenty of articles to be found online which covers both Maca and Mesquite and I am not about to make another one but I want to mention that the health benefits are interesting for a health conscious person like myself.

Healthy Living!


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