Walpurgis Night

Son by the bonfire

Son by the bonfire

Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmässoafton) is a traditional spring festival on 30 April or 1 May in large parts of Central and Northern Europe. It is exactly six months from All Hallows’ Eve.

Cristiano had fun throwing sticks and logs on the bonfire along with other children. Some of the men were at it too, *cough* his daddy *cough*. There were live music and a long line to the grill where beef brochettes were made.

Son and daddy

Son and daddy


Bloom of The Cherry Trees

The King’s Tree Garden (Kungsträdgården) is located in central Stockholm and during late April and May month the cherry trees are in bloom. This park is available to the public during all seasons of the year and offer things such as open-air concerts and events in the summer and an ice rink during winters. There is also a number of cafes, art galleries and restaurants.

My photos does not do it justice, it is spectacular. Clicking on the photos will link you to my Flickr page where the larger version is available for viewing.



We, myself and the love of my life, dropped Cristiano (our son) off at his grandparents and headed in to metropolitan Stockholm. I wanted to try this Nikon D3000 and to sum up my experience: I understand that I am functioning as a support for the camera when I am looking through the small hole to photograph but I found it difficult to take what I would consider good photos when not viewing through a large display like with our old camera. It will take some getting use to and it is going to be interesting learning.




A Libra… (Part 3)

Horoscopes is not an interest I have, I am simply amazed about how accurate some of it describes my character.

  1. Is bossy and headstrong, while still being caring and good listeners.
  2. Always say what they think because they don’t believe in bottling things up.
  3. Is a very giving lover, they strive for their partner to be as satisfied as they are.
  4. Put in major effort for everyone around them to be happy too when they are. You can tell by their smile.
  5. Treated with love and respect there are benefits to reap. But hurt them and you will feel their wrath.
  6. Is the perfect cross between the good and the bad, which is just right for everyone.
  7. Spends a great deal of energy making sure their relationships are harmonious.
  8. Is genuinely nice but dangerous when crossed.
  9. Loves to laugh.
  10. Gets irritated if a partner doesn’t give as much as they do in a relationship.
  11. Is a go getter, independent and always fair.
  12. Is naturally very passionate in love.
  13. Likes you better if you know how to differentiate rights and wrongs.
  14. Is usually very talented but you couldn’t tell from first glancing at them.
  15. Is more adventurous than they will ever show you.
  16. Is known to be undercover freaks when the finally open up to someone.
  17. Is the best gift getter because they are the best shoppers.
  18. Likes to be independent and needless.
  19. Has a hard time trusting others.
  20. :Classy, Easy Going & Fun.
  21. Has the best ass in the Zodiac.
  22. Gets irritated by unorganized people.
  23. Likes old-fashioned romance: candlelight dinners, movies and just a kiss.
  24. Will show nothing but true feeling for the one they love, and only want the same in return.
  25. … You can talk till the sun comes up, but you wont beat a Libra in an argument!
  26. Is very adaptable and can find success anywhere.
  27. Will never forget to let you know how much they care about you.

Learn One New Word Each Day: Brolic

The word brolic can’t be found in a regular dictionary, need to have a look in an urban dictionary to find it since it’s a slang word.


Tough, muscular, macho, aggressive, very large and possibly crazed

1) Often used to describe somebody who is strong, it holds the most extreme definition of strength and power.

2) Somebody who is strong and workouts is known as a brolic.

3) Can be used as a verb to illustrate physical harm.

* A dedicated folk-style, freestyle, or Greco wrestler is automatically known as a brolic because of the physically demanding schedule they endure.

Reference: http://www.urbandictionary.com

My White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (No Bake)

My White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (No Bake)

My White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (No Bake)

Doesn’t it look like it tastes good? My son loved it and his dad isn’t at home to try it yet. My mother came to visit us today, I had to treat her to one of my nutritious and yummy smoothies and I think she will be making her own after that because she liked it. Unfortunately she couldn’t have a piece of the cake due to her illness which doesn’t allow her certain types of food. Too bad.


  • Peanut butter (any kind you like)
  • Rise puffs (but you can use any type of cereal you like)
  • Nuts; almonds, macadamia,any kinds you like (I used my own home made Granola because I didn’t have any nuts in my kitchen)
  • White chocolate; any kind suitable for melting


Empty half a jar Peanut butter in to a bowl. Add 4 or 5 cups of risepuffs, a cup or two (or three) of nuts of your choice and blend it well with a spatula. Evenly flatten the dough in to a form of suitable size. Microwave in a safe cup or melt on the stove as much of white chocolate you would like but at least enough to cover the entire area. Does not need to look perfect. Make room for it in the freezer and allow it to chill for at leat 40 minutes – 1½ hour. Enjoy!

Tip: Run the nuts in a blender for a few seconds if you don’t want whole pieces in the cake.

Monster In The City

La familia had an awesome Saturday in Stockholm City. A few days earlier my man ended up buying a newer model camera than the one we already have before me but since our child didn’t want to sit in the stroller we we’re busy looking after him and didn’t get many photos that day. But son was as taken as we were by this monster and was able to stand still long enough for my man to snap a few photos, with his new camera.

Monster In The City

Monster In The City (click for larger view)

Monster In The City

Monster In The City (click for larger view)

Street performances are common in the streets of Stockholm City.

Well off the 10 minute ride on Saltsjöbanan we decided to walk the remaining kilometers because we wanted Cristiano to experience the sights on the way to the inner City and he was really enjoying things along the way taking notice on statues and things on display in shop windows. We met up with my mother-in-law over at Gamla Stan (The Old Town) who accompanied us that day and I got a chance to get some me time; I ventured all the fashion boutiques that I have a hard time accessing pushing a stroller. We took son to Kulturhuset (The Culture House) where half of 4th floor is a play land and it’s fee-free but some days it is packed and you may need to wait in line for 30 minutes if you are unlucky before you can get inside. Luckily, and smart enough, they have arranged a small play area outside so that the children will have something to do during the wait. After a while there is when I took off.