Time For New Joggers !

Been searching new joggers the past days. A pair with black base and preferably red streaks. But not necessarily.

Am I willing to spend $200 plus on joggers? Let’s figure that out; If I am lucky I get to exercise 3 times per week and I usually make that a 2½ hour power walk/jog/some running as good as every time. Now ones the winter is gone and spring has arrived, I keep myself indoors as much as possible when it’s cold. Hate cold! I also wear joggers when me and son go to play outside – that’s soccer, climbing, hoops, playgrounds, etc. On days when I know I will be up on my feet much I usually go for the comfortable look and that often includes joggers. I wear out shoes pretty fast.

I’m not a millionaire just because I don’t live on the streets and I have a child to support. I’m not that parent who put the money on myself and let my children live poor; it’s rather I who voluntarily draw the shortest straw.

I am going to keep it below 100 dollars. I will be busy the coming days, so I won’t be able to search new joggers until Saturday if I’m lucky.

Below are some examples most within the price range found online of what I could consider getting for myself.

Womens Nike

Womens Nike

Womens Nike

Womens Nike


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