Learn One New Word Each Day: Chastise

About a month ago I posted an entry titled Learn 1 New Word Each Day. English is not my native language, this is a way to expand my vocabulary.



[chas-tahyz, chas-tahyz]

verb (used with object), -tised, -tis·ing.

  1. to discipline, especially by corporal punishment.
  2. to criticize severely.
  3. Archaic . to restrain; chasten.
  4. Archaic . to refine; purify.


1.  punish, castigate; whip, beat, flog, spank.

Example Sentences

  • In the end, the other brother and sister are morally chastised for their love.
  • Nelson chastised faculty members who refuse to acknowledge that the nation’s higher-education system is broken.
  • Taleb chastised finance for relying too heavily on the normal distribution, but that is only part of the problem.

All information comes from Reference.com.

My Conclusion: As far as I gather Chastise is to physically punish. What I don’t understand is how a non-physical thing can be chastised, referring to the 3rd example sentence; “chastised finance”.


10 thoughts on “Learn One New Word Each Day: Chastise

  1. I was trying to do this for awhile as well. English is my native language but I figured it would always be a good idea to expand my vocabulary. Dictionary.com has a free application for smart phones that you can access and it offers a word of the day option. It’s a really nice way to try and do this.

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