A Libra… (Part 2)

  1. Lives for love.
  2. Sees making love as a soul-bonding experience.
  3. Needs a little cuddling before the big bang.
  4. Is a bit self-centered and will put their foot down to get what they want.
  5. Needs their partner to meet specific requirements such as being kind, gentle and selfless before she/he has sex.
  6. Can make you laugh or cry, just depends on how you treat them.
  7. Will not ease up unless your apology is sincere and you are genuinely remorseful.
  8. Express their feelings for their partner openly and in a variety of ways.
  9. Will get you erased and replaced if you ignore them.
  10. Is like a mind-reader. They can sense what you want before you say it.
  11. Is tuned on by someone who holds his/her own in an argument.
  12. ‘s mind is always in motion.
  13. Do not like it when their decisions are challenged, and are impatient with people who criticize them.
  14. Can hide his or her emotions just as well as they can express them.
  15. Will always wear a smile on the outside despite any pain they may feel on the inside.
Libra Goddess

Libra Goddess



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