Random Thoughts (Part 5)

  • I just cant sit around with nothing to do.
  • Why do people do to others what others have done to them. They should know better from the pain they experienced.
  • Don’t tell me lies just cause you hate to see the tears in my eyes.
  • My skin is naturally the softest you’ve never felt .. !
  • Don’t care what you say I love wearing leggings
  • Easter coming up, painted eyes n mouths on eggs with son & bought him chocolate shaped like small chickens.
  • Vampires, werewolves and zombies!
  • If I quit talking to you, I have tried enlight you on the problem but you dismiss it.
  • Do you use the frase “That’s so typical me” often? That’s not cute, don’t you learn from your mistakes ??
  • Adele do not impress me, do not see what the big deal is.
  • I wanna give people exactly what they give me.
  • I have the coolest dreams. I swear. They are like awesome Hollywood movies.
  • The vampire dream I had few nights back was so cool.
  • Make a woman happy to bring out the best in her. The happier your gf is the better your relationship is.
  • Rihanna Birthday Cake ft. Chris Brown…. a whole song about eating pu$$y, wow.
  • I grew up on broken promises, it teaches a girl to settle for what ever she gets. I learned better eventually though.
  • If you want more and better out of life you must start with you. Improve yourself through education and knowledge.
  • His night lamp luminates the entire celing including walls with hundreds of vague stars in blue green and red. Perfect.
  • Wow, it is TOUGH getting my son to brush his teeth. Hard work I’m telling you… hard work.
  • Men can do time easier than a woman. Women have too many needs.
  • Son tea bagged his dad when he was asleep LMMFAO
  • Some people, you have to ignore to get their attention.
  • I am loyal my child, unlike my mother. I always strive to be better than my parents were.
  • Jesus is King!
  • Loving the white roses in the windows of this barber shop!
  • If you weaken me, consider yourself cut off.
  • Love early mornings, don’t like too late nights.
  • The older I become the more I figure my parents out.
  • Sloths are hilarious
  • Portugal a tax paradise, oh, lets move there.
  • My son is the best thing ever happened to me, my life became complete!
  • Porn and masturbation is every persons right and no one elses business. Gfs want to make bfs give up porn, hilarious, he is not and if he said he would he lied.
  • Trick me ones, I won’t let you trick me twice.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts (Part 5)

    • Watched a program on TV that followed female prison guards at work in both male and female prisons. Always entertaining. Another thins which caught my attention was the dislike the men had for these female guards.

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