A Libra…

I was born on September 25 and that makes me a Libra. Not interested in hocus-pocus such as wiccanism or horoscopes but much about a Libra is a perfect description about myself and this list covers 15 of these.

  1. tends to have a lazy streak that delays their plans a bit.
  2. is calm, cool, collected and above the bullsh_t.
  3. lady likes a kind, polite and real man.
  4. is very adaptable and can find success anywhere.
  5. will never forget to let you know how much they care about you.
  6. might be faint at first but they can hold their own in the long run.
  7. is  self-conscious.
  8. can think faster than you.
  9. pride themselves on being truthful. If what they are watching isn’t turning them on, they will tell you how to do it better.
  10. is not into being forced.
  11. gets turned off when you rush things.
  12. gets easily bored.
  13. qualities: diplomacy and beauty
  14. gets over things quickly. They never dwell.
  15. wants it all or nothing at all!
Zodiac Libra

Zodiac Libra


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