EGGS… yea what about them?

Son have an insane amount of toys, all from train tracks, LEGO, dinosaurs, castle, warriors. All types of toys. Since 2 or something months ago he is not interested in playing with any of them. On top of that he isn’t interested in watching any cartoons either. I do not know why and it means I get less time left for myself cause of his lack of interest in toys and cartoons since I need to spend time with him, can’t let him just sit alone can I? No, ofc not.

He is fascinated with eggs, the whole idea of there being a baby inside. He got it from cartoons, when he did watch them. Ice Age Dinosaurs just to mention one. He always go to the fridge and see if we have eggs and if we do he wants them. He wants me to boil them but he doesn’t necessarily want to eat them, he’d just rather watch it… to see if a baby is going to come out of it. Oh, baby he says, and cradles it. It’s one of them things small children do, he’s 3.

So today I placed an order on after finding THIS:

Eggs toy

Eggs toy

I don’t know if he’s going to like it. But I figure it is worth a try.


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