Twilight Turtle – Time for night lamp

Twilight Turtle blue light

Twilight Turtle blue light

The son has entered the period where he needs lights on at night. Our bedroom is jet black with no lamps lit so when he wakes up in the morning he asks for my mobile phone to use the LED light to look for monsters before he gets out of bed. Also when he is being put to bed at nights he needs to fall asleep with light on so I was looking around for proper night light. Now I have seen this Twilight Turtle before but didn’t think it was worth the price, basically I don’t think it’s good enough to pay between $30 – $40 for but I found a great deal & I payed less than half for it and though I’d rather buy something Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck I think he would be happy (or not care at all) which ever I get him. I don’t even find a Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck night lamp, the ones I found that was suppose to be night lamps where to bright in my opinion so I don’t consider them night lamps.

Twilight Turtle details

Twilight Turtle details

Waiting to get the package delivered.


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