E-books, yes !

Books I intend to read, happy !

Books I intend to read, happy !

I am happy because I have many e-books to read, I can’t wait to go through them one by one & explore the content; learn. I don’t read fiction, at least it is very rare. These 30 or so e-books are all educational in different areas with titles such as:

  • Criminal Psychology by Hans Gross
  • Evolution of the Japanese social and psychic by Gulick S
  • Circuits of Visibility: Gender and transnational Media Cultures¬†Edited by Radha S. Hegde
  • Illusions, a psychological study by Sully J
  • Leonardo da Vinci: A psychosexual study of an infantile reminiscence by Freud S

Now, all I need is the time to indulge in these and considering I never been the fastest reader I hope to finish the book I’ve selected to read first at least by the end of January, considering Holidays in December when there will be no time for reading anything.


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