You Know What I Dislike The Most (Part One)

  • When you try to be reasonable with someone and they still can’t admit that they we’re wrong.
  • When you want someone to like you but you can’t even get their attention.
  • Pregnant women smoking or parents pushing a stroller with a cig in one hand. Smoking around children period.
  • When you’re next in line to pay for groceries & the person behind you make “discrete” shoves to get their items up. That’s disrespectful so why should I show you respect and give you the space?
  • When they stop producing new episodes of my favorite tv shows.
  • People who say out loud everything that is on their mind.
  • When people can’t recognize that I am busy.
  • People who believe in rumors.
  • Oversensitive and overemotional / easily offended people.
  • When someone say you’re sensitive but it’s actually them who is a jerk.
  • Drama, movies and real life.

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