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Learn One New Word Each Day: Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous [[yoo-bik-wi-tuhs]]

  1. Existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent: ubiquitous fog; ubiquitous little ants.
  2. Having or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once; omnipresent

Congrats Sweden On Winning Eurovision


I feel obligated to blog about this for obvious reasons *insert awkward face*. I personally think Eurovision is crap so I didn’t watch it but I like Loreen, even though performance last night was a tad awkward it was spell binding in a way as they usually are. I like Loreen as a person and she has a great voice. The end when she was accompanied by a guy was magical and I’m naturally glad that Sweden won. Sweden has won Eurovision 3 times earlier. Loreen entered Eurovision with her entry “Euphoria” and won first place with 372 points.

Loreen Eurovision Sweden

Loreen Eurovision Sweden

I like her choice of stage outfit. It was a safe bet & worked perfectly, it wasn’t too much & didn’t distract. Loreen is Morrocana and was born and raised in Sweden.

Random Thoughts (Part 7)

My random thoughts are really taken from my twitter account & just a reason for creating another blog post.

  1. Sexually frustrated men can be dangerous to females. Selling & buying sex really shouldn’t be illegal, would save lives.
  2. Antonio was such a good looking child, I like teasing him n sayin “what the hell happened to you”.
  3. Been having apocalyptic dreams lately.
  4. I need a proper work space, this is not working for me.
  5. My punishment for arriving late to the BBQ party was cleaning up after.
  6. Oh you smoke? It doesn’t impress me.
  7. Seriously… abortion is ugly but people aren’t going to wear condom & you can’t force some1 to have a baby…. Need other solutions.
  8. If a guy is too sweet & kind in that cute & funny way to a girl he’s instantly friend zoned.
  9. Improve yourself instead of hating on those who are what you wish you were and who are doing what you wish you could.
  10. We planned the amusement park, then we downgraded to the animal park and then further to the playground outside our house.
  11. It takes an idiot to disrespect a good woman.
  12. If you think you’re gonna get famous you should have stayed in school so you could do the math….. how many actually succeed? 1 + 1 = 3
  13. Lupe Fiasco lyrics will make you think unlike most of todays music.
  14. When I Get Drunk I am the social butterfly I’m so opposite of otherwise. (Not that I drink that often)
  15. I used to think “all or nothing” but that was before I learned life isn’t only black or white.